This was my last Sunday in Cambridge. Last night’s Bach cantata Evensong at St. John’s was absolutely packed. Chairs in the aisles, and still about 82 people standing in the narthex throughout the service. This would be a great thing for us to do in Toronto. My blind date lunch arranged by Renee turned out to be wonderful (of course.) My host’s spare time is spent as a “blue badge” Cambridge guide, so he took us for an insiders’ tour downtown.

I attended Mass this morning at Little St. Mary’s (yes, Andrew) and then took

a tour out to the American cemetery,  then enjoyed Sunday carvery lunch in my local pub. Evensong at Selwyn was very special since the choir performed a new setting composed by Andrew Downes. The composer was present which was a wonderful. He has recently been in an accident but is now getting around pretty well in a

wheelchair. It was lovely to talk to him about his music and meet his family.

Question one. How are things at home?  I welcome your comments and news tidbits here on my blog. I’m half way through my trip and perhaps just a bit home sick. Is this how astronauts feel at this point – seeing so many wonderful things, but feeling a bit out – of – body?

Questions two. Are British people always eating and drinking? Breakfast, morning coffee, mid-morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, pub, snack, sherry before dinner, wine with dinner, pudding and cheese tray. How can these people still be so skinny?



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4 Responses to Bach Cantata. Real ale.

  1. Matthew W. says:

    Thigs are going well in the land of SMM. Simon played Willan’s IPF today (yes, the WHOLE thing), and it absolutely floored me and everyone else who sat through the 16-minute piece. Since Halloween falls on a Sunday this year, Bruce is letting me play the Suite Gothique, Mov’t 3 (Priere) as a prelude, and the Intro and Toccata as a postlude. I wish you could be here to hear it; I’ll have to play the whole thing for you when you get back!


  2. Trish says:

    We had the first rehearsal with Orchestra for Pax last night. Wow!! Really great group of players….and the Baritone soloist. Where did you find him!!! He opened his mouth and my knees got weak and I had goosebumps!! Really really luscious voice.

    Thank you so much for sharing all your adventures on your trip. I am so thrilled for you to be doing all those amazing things!!

    • Michael sang Bach B minor with us. I met him in Vancouver when he sang Messiah with me there. Yes – he’s lovely! Good luck with the show. I hope the S.S. Wesley is just as inspired as the Faure : )

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