Best coffee shop


Best coffee shop: Cristine’s along side Jet photo beside St. Bodolph Church. Pain aux chocolat baked fresh every morning, though her specialty is theme-decorated cakes for every occasion.

Best museum shop: Fitzwilliam – beautiful christmas cards and lots of lovely art books.

Best fish restaurant: Loch Fyne right across from the Fitz has fresh oysters, mussels, salmon from Scotland – you can take it away too.

Best painted ceiling: Queen’s college dining hall. Best stone ceiling: King’s College Chapel. Best theatre: ADC Amateur dramatic club – going since the 19th century and you can take your drink to your seat.

Best men and boys choir: You’re waiting for this? St. John’s College. Best mixed choir: Selwyn of course! Best music shop: Brian Jordan’s in Green street, though they still haven’t been able to get my order, but they promise it’s on its way. (A full score of The Kingdom)


Queens' college hall


Best restaurant: La Galleria near Magdalene College with a beautiful view of the river from the outdoor galleries. Best historic pub: gotta be the Eagle where Watson and Crick ran to announce their discovery of DNA, but for a view of punting, The Anchor. For outdoor terrace, the Granta.

Best scenic walk: along the river Cam past Jesus Green you can walk for miles and see the canal boats and their colourful window boxes.

Best cows: White Park cattle in the backs  Best hymn tune: Coe Fen


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  1. craig says:

    “Jesus Green”. Sounds like a swear word.

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