Cat in the City: The play. Act I, Scene 1

Dramatis personae: The Woman. The Cat.


The Cat: meow. Meow. MEOW!

The Woman: Ok, OK. I’ll give you some food buddy. But honestly, you are getting really chubby. There. There’s some food for you. Don’t eat it all at once.

The Cat: Purrr….purrr…

Woman:  I just think… sometimes, the only reason you like me is that I feed you. We should really talk about that sometime. Only, you don’t talk. You just sing for food.

Cat: Purr, purr, purrr….

Woman: Anyway, we’ve got to get going here. If you are my muse, we’ve got to get this cat poem thing off the ground. Let’s see. First, a little more wine. What’s that you say? Maybe I should try rapping this? Fine, I’ll try that, but I’m holding you responsible.

Woman and Cat: (quasi singing/reciting/purring)

If you hear your kittens purr

In iambic pentameter,

Take a moment for reflection

On your syllabic inflection.

(Music, tadum dum dum…)

Your feeble rhymes are quite rejected

By the whiskered, feline tribe.

Your furry audience yawns and stretches

At your human diatribe!

(Music , tadum dum dum…)

Edward has an appetite for fish,

Courgette prefers a poetic dish.

She likes the meat, he likes the jelly,

The Woman gets high on Keats & Shelly,

 (Music , tadum dum dum, underscore Cat: purrr…)

Toronto’s tower burns so bright.

Faerie strains raise Tiger’s stripes.

Computers tick. Traffic sticks.

Operas singers fall on their …..schticks?

(Music , tadum dum dum…)

Before my pen hath gleaned my teeming brain

(Music , tadum dum dum…)

Then on the shore
 of the wide world I stand alone,

And think,

(slow music)

Till Love and Fame to nothingness

(Music )

do sink…..



The Woman: Well, Cat. I think we made some very lovely music this evening.

The Cat:  Purr….purrr……..

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5 Responses to Cat in the city: the play

  1. Brian Power says:

    Nice rhythmic flow, there.That must have been some nice wine!

    • Stephanie Martin says:

      Ha ha ha. The cat has a pretty good sense of rhythm too : ) Edward (The Cat) is helping me get through the last few bars of my big piece – the choral symphony “Babel.” I had a long chat with my sister (The Poet) tonight, and a Skype chat with my brother (The Artist) and sister-in-law ( The Wonder of Nature.) They (and my Great Friends) help keep me going. Thanks.

      • Tricia Haldane says:

        Hehehehe – that is brilliant Steph!! Yes, I completely understand :)

        …and I concur with Brian….what wine were you enjoying?

  2. Renée says:

    Moli and I are just reading this.
    We call it “cupboard love”: the culinary self-interest of cats

    two questions:
    I’m o.k. on my Edward –and the über-affectionate Courgette, too, of course. But
    Do I infer there’s also a “Tiger”? –with stripes Surely! not
    “tadum dum dum…”: Please tell me this isn’t set to that dreary carol(?) “The little drummer boy”! Is it?

    • Stephanie Martin says:

      I think there was a book on my shelf called “Tribe of Tiger” using the term to refer to the whole cat species. I assure you I do not intend to acquire another cat!

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