Published Scores

Alleluia |SSAAA, Cypress Choral Music 1216
Ave verum corpus |SATB, Cypress Choral Music 1149
Tantum Ergo |SSA, Cypress Choral Music 1216
Drop Slow Tears |SATB choir, free download
Kontakion |SATB choir, Cypress Choral Music 1158
Children of the heavenly father |SAB choir, organ, RCCO
God So Loved the World |SATB choir, flute, and oboe, Renforth Music
Mass for Three Voices |SAB, TBB, SSA, Cypress Choral Music 1165(SAB), 1166(TBB), 1167(SSA)
My Love is Like a Red, Red, Rose |SATB choir, tenor solo, and violin, Kelman Hall Music
Winter Nights (Cantata in four movements)|SATB choir, strings, percussion, tenor solo, Cypress Choral Music (1st movement only)
String quartet: From a distant island|Canadian Music Centre
Rise up my Love|SATB choir, Canadian Music Centre
Hear my prayer |SATB. Cypress Choral Music CP1170
Legend of the Bird |SATB choir & children's choir CP1252
Four Motets |SATB. CP1254
O salutaris hostia |SATB. CP1157
O sacrum convivium |SATB. CP1158
Sicut cervus |SATB CP1156
Portinari Nativity |SATB Canadian Music Centre
Colours of the Heart |Sonata for trumpet, clarinet and piano/organ 1. Red (Courage), 2. Blue (Longing), 3. Gold (Triumph)Canadian Music Centre
The Selwyn Service (Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis) |SATB and organ. CMC
Ring out wild bells |SATB Text:Tennyson. Kelman Hall
And as I wake |SATB and organ. Text: Milton. Kelman Hall
They will pass through the land |SATB and organ, Text: Isaiah. Kelman Hall
Of the Glorious City |SSATB choir Text: Julian of Norwich. CMC
Canterbury |Baritone solo and piano Text: Douglas LePan. CMC
BABEL: a choral symphony |Orchestra,Choir, SSATB soloists (45 minutes) Text: Cori Martin. CMC
When you are old |Voice and piano/TB and piano/SA and piano. Text: W.B. Yeats. Renforth Music
Missa Chicagoensis |SATB choir a cappella 5 mvts in Latin (20 minutes). Biretta Books, Chicago
Dum complerentur |SSATBB choir a cappella, Pentecost motet in Latin. Biretta Books, Chicago
Ascension |SATB and organ, Text: John Donne. Biretta Books, Chicago
The Arrow and the Song |SATB, text by Longfellow. Cypress CP1582
Be the river |SATB choir, SATB soloists, orchestra. Text by Maureen Scott Harris CMC
Sedebit Dominus Rex |SATB choir and organ. Biretta Books

Unpublished Scores

Ave Maria |TBB, SAB or SSA
At thy Great Name  |SATB a cappella
I Will Lay Me Down in Peace |SATB a cappella
O Lord, Support Us |SATB a cappella
Winter Nights (cantata) SATB, strings, piano, tenor solo & percussion 1. Cold is the night (a cappella) 2. Loud rings the frozen earth 3. Christmas Cattle 4. Now winter nights enlarge
Little Organ Mass |SA and organ
Missa Lumen (Missa Brevis for women’s voices) |SSAA
Now the Queen of Seasons |SATB, brass quintet, and organ
Gloria (for Mass for three voices) |TBB/SSA/SAB
I sing the mighty power of God |SA and organ
The Rock Dove |SATB, children and flute
Christe qui lux es et dies |TTBB
Alpha and Omega |SA soloists, SATB choir (div.), children, three organs
The Garden City |piano solo
Make a joyful noise |SSA, divisi and piano
Glorify the day |SATB choir, soloists, children, organ, piano, two trumpets
Advent Song |SATB, organ and brass quintet
Requiem for All Souls |SATB choir divisi a cappella 8 mvts (25 minutes)
Te Deum Laudamus |SATB choir and organ
Llandovery Castle |Opera, in progress
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