Since Easter is only 4 weeks away, I’ve changed the choral music “free download” button on this website.

Fairbank Music is no longer going to be publishing general choral music . So the copyright has expired, and this piece is, for the time being “out of print.”

So it’s my gift to you for this month. You can feel guilt free to download it and copy it for your choir. I’ve also included an MP3 recording of St. Mary Magdalene’s lovely choir singing this live in the church.

I would love to know if you will be performing it with your choir, so do drop me a message from the website, or Facebook.

Just click on this link and go to my COMPOSITIONS page to see the free download button on the bottom right hand side of the page.

I wish all church musicians healthy singing, patience, endurance, peace and joy as you prepare for all the great music coming up for Holy week and Easter.

Drop, drop, slow tears,
And bathe those beauteous feet
Which brought from Heaven
The news and Prince of Peace:
Cease not, wet eyes,
His mercy to entreat;
To cry for vengeance
Sin doth never cease.
In your deep floods
Drown all my faults and fears;
Nor let His eye
See sin, but through my tears.

Text: Phineas Fletcher (1580-1650) Music: Stephanie Martin (for the Gallery choir, Church of St. Mary Magdalene, Toronto, Passion Sunday 2008)

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