My website has something new. I’m featuring a score you can download for free. “The Glorious City” will be up on the site for about a month. Just go to the compositions page and click on the featured box and you’ll get a PDF of the score.
This SSATB piece was commissioned in 2010 by the Association of Anglican Musicians in the USA, and it was sung at their annual convention that year. It is unpublished at the moment, so I thought I’d just share it with you as a gift. If you’d like to hear a recording of this piece you can hear it on Soundcloud and you’ll hear a live recording of St. Mary Magdalene’s church choir (Toronto) singing in September 2012.
If you do decide to download it, or even better, perform it with your choir, please leave me a comment on my blog.


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5 Responses to Free stuff

  1. Stephanie Martin says:

    If the link to soundcloud doesn’t work for you , here’s the web address

  2. Mary Gillmeister says:

    I love free stuff so I’ve downloaded it. And I really like how the the 7/8 section middle contrasts with the outer two sections, the rejoicing is plain to hear. Very nice.

    • Stephanie Martin says:

      Hey Mary – so glad you like it. I was also going for the feeling of hustle and bustle that must have been part of city life in medieval Norwich. Maybe Julian looked out of her peephole and longed to be part of all that business.

  3. Abner Martin says:

    I like the piece and the performance, Had it existed 30 years ago I would have performed.

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