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I was a guest at High Table at Selwyn tonight where I spoke to a Classics scholar about those Vindolanda tablets in the British museum. (He knew exactly what I was talking about.) Then a wine and cheese party for the chapel choir. You are wondering why I’ve posted this picture? I met a student who is from Abbey Town in the north-west of England (a village near Carlisle.) This is a building that survived dissolution by Henry VIII and bombing during WW II – but this 800 year old church succumbed to fire set by local kids who had nothing better to do. Read more here:

What’s an appropriate response? Money toward the rebuilding of the Abbey? Or funding for local youth projects? Or both? I can only think that if the young people who set this fire had something to do on June 9th, (choir practice, hockey, chess club,  something? ) this might not have had to happen. What a stupid waste.

BTW, I did conduct Evensong tonight at Selwyn college which was really fun. The students are wonderful. Even though half a dozen of them had to run off and take part in the “Greek Play” they managed to sing Batten, Byrd and Purcell very effectively. Thank you Selwyn!

I’ve managed to have some meaningful chats with several students about their experience at Cambridge. Is anyone at York reading my blog? I have some ideas : )

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  1. craig says:

    What are the Cambridge students saying about their experience?
    And what about the Abbey-Town fire? Was it hooliganism, heavy-metal heads (a la the Norwegian Black Metal-related church fires [in Norway, obviously] of the late 1990s/early 21st century) trying to fit into their sub-culture, or just something to do one night?

    PS. We ate all the tomato aspic but there is still some stuffing left. Do you want me to keep it until you come back?

    • The Cambridge kids I’ve talked to know they are experiencing something very special. They get individual tutoring here, which is one reason that Cambridge is ranked #1 in the world, and the college communities and their chapel choirs are unique. Some of them are apprehensive about the coming budget cuts to education. As for the arsonists in Abbey-Town I do not know. I just wish they hadn’t done it. How about making a fresh Aspic??? Come to our CD launch party and bring it : ) Nov. 20th at SMM.

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