I think I am beginning to understand the blog idea!

Let me tell you about repertoire that we’re singing on Sunday at Fr David’s Induction. There will be 7 (yes, seven) hymns, Kyrie by Mendelssohn, Sanctus by Schubert, Agnus Dei by Palestrina (Missa Papae Marcelli) and motet “Behold the Tabernacle” by, you guessed it, Canada’s own Healey Willan. A new psalm has been composed for the 9:30 choir and a new response for the Orff ensemble. A half hour of prelude music will include Melanie Conly and Bruce Hill singing and playing Mozart, Matthew Whitfield and Elaine Choi playing Schubert, Les Yeux Brass playing up a storm. The clergy will be decked out in their finery, and there will be plenty of processing and waiving incense. Should be, all in all, a fine, fine day.

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3 Responses to I blog, therefore, I am

  1. Stephanie Martin says:

    Write your comments in this space – here….

  2. Kelly says:

    hee hee hee…that incense won’t be *waived*, not at SMM! …and I think you should be singing Ecce Sacerdos. Not nearly enough opportunities for that piece.

    • That’s a good idea Kelly – the Bruckner Ecce Sacerdos would have been excellent since we have a brass group. I guess we’ll save that for the next induction – wait, that will be 26 years from now!

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