St. Nicolas

Our eyes are blinded by the holiness you bear. The bishop’s robe, the mitre and the cross of gold obscure the simple man within the Saint. Strip off your glory, Nicolas, and speak!

“Across the tremendous bridge of sixteen hundred years I come to stand in worship with you as I stood among my faithful congregation long ago. All who knelt beside me then are gone. Their name is dust, their tombs are grass and clay, yet still their shining seed of faith survives in you! With you it stands like forest oak or withers with the grasses underfoot. Preserve the living faith for which your fathers fought! For faith was won by centuries of sacrifice, and many martyrs died that you might worship God.”

Help us Lord to find the hidden road that leads from love to greater love, from faith to greater faith. Strengthen us O Lord! Screw up our strength to serve Thee with simplicity.

Eric Crozier (1914-1994)

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