If you click this link below you’ll go to Youtube, and you can watch a video interview with David Perlman.
We’re talking about composition, teaching, learning, writing for choirs, our new Pax Christi video, technology and other things.

Click on this link:

Wholenote Interview

Thanks to Wholenote magazine, David Perlman and Bryson Winchester for the opportunity to chat about music!

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2 Responses to Interview with David Perlman; Wholenote Magazine

  1. Renée says:

    the lovely David Perlman again, a v. sympathetic interviewer; don’t you think?
    I first remember him talking with you before “The Kingdom” in 2012.
    and then I remember, when you and Mary and Bruce and I went to the Rheinberger recital in the Big Church: was that last Spring? or 2012, too? We four were sitting together waiting for the recital to start . . . and I looked right to realize that Mr. Perlman was sitting on the end of the pew directly across from ours. And afterward we talked with him in the church hall. What a nice man!
    Anyhow, this interview was v. interesting. –Plus It’s good to see what you’re looking like at the mo.

    • Stephanie Martin says:

      That’s right Renee. That recital was at St. Paul’s Anglican on Bloor Street where Healey Willan was recruited back in 1913. The organ was brand new and the second biggest instrument in all of North maerica at the time. My former superstar student Matthew Whitfield is now assistant organist there. That was a great night, long ago, and it was wonderful to have you with us.

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