Boats in Toronto came out of the water about a month ago, but here everyone is still sailing (yes, Bruce.) I had a wonderful ten days at St. Cecilia’s abbey, but those concerned about my conversion to Roman Catholicism can just relax. (If I were to attend a horse race would you worry that I’m going to become a jockey?) The life style of the nuns was fascinating to observe from outside the cloister, but I was never allowed inside the convent grounds, and I was denied the sacrament since I am not part of that particular country club. So I did check out the Anglican church in town on Sunday morning and was glad that I did. All Saints has a very good organist, Andrew Cooper, who is an old friend of Andrew Teague who grew up in Ryde. What a small world.

This little instrument is supposed to be the oldest working chamber organ in England. It’s housed in a museum at Carisbrooke Castle – a sort of cabinet of

Chamber organ, 1602

curiosities which includes a lock of hair from Charles I’s daughter who died in the castle aged 14 of a chill. Her Dad was also imprisoned here before he met a somewhat nastier fate.

I took the Eurostar train today and, having endured the ear-popping speed thrill of the fast train, have arrived in Brussels. I’m looking forward to meeting up with Matthew Zadow the wonderful baritone who sang with Pax Christi Chorale last Christmas. Then I will try to visit some WW I battle sites.

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4 Responses to Isle of Wight: Sailors' delight

  1. Lois says:

    Hi Steph

    Thank you so much for taking the time to post your “musical adventures”. It has been delightful and educational to follow you on your journey. Today I was reminded of a very different trip in ’72 when Lawrence and I flew via KLM (back in the days when students could get cheaper airfares) to Brussels, then by train to Ostende and finally by (slow) ferry to Dover.
    No ear-popping back then. On another note, I’m enjoying Howard very much as guest conductor but do miss you and look forward to seeing you for the Children’s Messiah. Alas I am working on Nov 20 or I would absolutely be at SMM for the party!
    Travel safe,
    Lois B

  2. Christie says:

    Hey – Isn’t Matthew Zadow singing with Pax C again this Christmas? (well, his name is on the poster….)
    So enjoying your adventures (vicariously) – and looking forward to seeing you again soon my friend!

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