A tiny, green humming bird hovers over bright red blossoms,
unhindered by the white linen flapping on the line;
uninhibited by my hungry, human presence,
gobbling up the first fruits of my little garden patch,
drinking in the long absent sunshine,
sipping white wine,
humming old tunes,
passing the time.

No distractions here; no phones ringing, no urgent tasks; only the
intermittent whiz of white noise as cars pass by; only the
unintelligible cadenza of Italian dialect from fervent neighbours
planting basil, pulling weeds, pruning fruit trees,
smoking cigarettes,
chastening children,
singing lullabies.

My modest plot of green begs just one thing of me – time.
Time to linger,
time to listen,
and to think.
Time to remember, and give thanks.

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8 Responses to Lunchtime in the garden

  1. Tricia Haldane says:

    Thank you for that. I felt that I was there with you, not in the cave I call an office tethered to my computer and phone. Blessings :)

    • Stephanie Martin says:

      Grrrr… you gotta find some green space for your lunch!

    • jen woodcock says:

      humming birds in canada? but you r quite south, i think. i like my wildlife garden! no work to do in it and animals love it…….x god bless nature as she is. and the freedom, since retirement, it gives to be thoroughly lazy xxxxxx

      • Stephanie Martin says:

        Yes humming birds in Toronto – but I’ve never seen one this early in the season, or quite so bold. They must be hungry to stick around for so long – it was nice to get a glimpse of him : )

  2. Nancy Pauls says:

    Ah, Time! Thanks for painting this lovely picture, which reminds me to spend more time in this way, rather than in constant DOING. Have yet to see a hummingbird this season, in spite of a feeder. Could it be I really have not taken the time to watch for one? Probably!

    • Stephanie Martin says:

      Nancy, that was exactly my thought when I saw the little fella yesterday. If I had not been there, taking time to observe and listen I never would have seen him. Take it easy friend!

  3. Chris Thackray says:

    An excellent reminder to just be in the garden, rather than gardening. Time for some new lawn chairs…

  4. Matt Virro says:

    You captured the beauty of our fleeting spring time and finding solace as you listen and remember. Lovely theme and tempo.

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