I managed to pick up a lousy cold and stayed in bed all day Tuesday, unfortunately missing the wonderful trip to Lichfield to meet the Director of Music and to hear the first evensong of Michaelmas at the Cathedral. Sigh. But the silver lining of all this is that I had hours of reading – Dora Penny’s autobiography, Percy Young’s biography of Alice Elgar, and Housman’s Shropshire Lad. Thanks to Renee for nursing me back to health with toast and tea, lots of rest and scrumpy (Hereford apple cider.)  I felt much better today and spent several hours composing at Elgar’s piano (just about done my Magnificat setting) and then chased down my favourite bell ringing band to finish off some interviews. No photos tonight – sorry.  Tomorrow is our big outing to Hereford and the Malverns!

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3 Responses to Minor setback

  1. Tom says:

    I hope you feel better soon, Steph! No fun being sick on your hols. All is well here — Bruce is keeping us all in line.

  2. Ursula Hill says:

    Uncle Bruce has sent me a recent email and showed me your blog. He said I can leave a comment, so I did. I have tried to call him, but he wouldn’t answer because he was down in the basement with Oma watching TV (I guess it was too loud).

    Is your blog about England? It looks interesting, but I never really read blogs and stuff, only really storybooks and my type of magazine. When it says website, am I just supposed to type down a website that I used? I don’t really use it an more.


    • Hi Ursula! I’m glad you’re reading my blog. It’s about my travels in England, meeting amazing people and composing music. Right now I’m in Cambridge which is an amazing and beautiful University, but only students with the very highest marks can come here. Maybe you will study here one day : ) Bruce never answers the phone so leave a message and maybe Oma will call back. Hope you’re having a good October. XOXO Auntie Steph P.S. I’m not sure about the “website” request. You can just reply with your own comments – I enjoy reading them.

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