My very kind and generous husband gave me a spa visit as my Christmas gift. I think I dropped the hints pretty strongly, wrapping his gift and placing it under the tree by Dec. 12th, and mentioning several times that “I brought that gift all the way from Germany in my backpack.” This is wife-speak for “You’d better get me a gift of equal or greater value.”

There is a language of spas. When the receptionist explains that “your therapies will commence at 11:30” she means your massage starts soon so get changed now. The waiter at lunch may ask “are you still enjoying your salad?” and that means “can I take that away already?” And when your massage therapist says “just move down and roll over for me” he doesn’t really mean your doing it for him, you just need to do it. But all of this comforting language adds to the relaxing experience which can only be found at a great spa (it was the Elmwood) and I thank you Bruce for a wonderful gift!

In other news, I just got home from attending an open rehearsal of Nixon in China at the Canadian Opera Company. John Adams’ score is compelling and wickedly difficult. Our COC musicians have to be so technically precise and skilled to perform this complex music, and both the orchestra and the chorus are right on top of it. The production is provocative and stylish and there is some great dancing as well. You HAVE to go if you’re in town.

Lastly, my friend from Hereford sent me a recent photo of Plas Gwyn, the house where Elgar lived while writing what many choral singers consider his masterpiece, “The Kingdom.”

Plas Gwyn in snow

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2 Responses to Spa-speak

  1. Anne says:

    Nice to hear you enjoyed your visit! Comfort and relaxation is what our Spa Care Experts™ strive for in serving our Guests, so glad to hear that was your experience.

    • I loved my visit and it was my first time having lunch in the sunny dining room. Thanks for adding “Spa Care Experts” to my spa-speak glossary! You folks really do have your own language, but I do understand your aim is to put the customer at ease.

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