There is a matrix of small arts groups that keeps our city vivid and warm despite the cold winter. Not all of us have huge audiences, but our specific activities spin into a great wheel of culture that reveals meaning in this confusing maze of urban life.

This month, my big oratorio choir Pax Christi Chorale has been granted support from artsVest.

ArtsVest will match any business sponsorships we receive before March 3rd, 2014. That’s only two weeks away, so we are quite enthusiastically looking for a business that loves choral music and might help us on our way.
With 100 singers in the choir, our community stretches deep into the GTA. If you are in a position to give us even a small sponsorship, now would be the time. Our singers will celebrate your support!

Why do we need help from Toronto businesses?

We bring the great works of the ages to life, uniting thought-provoking poetry and masterful music. We sing to a wide audience, and support musicians in Toronto and across Canada. We mentor composers through our competitions and commission new works. We foster excellence in professional musicians who sing our solos and play in our orchestra. We provide a training ground for amateurs, and provide a meeting place for singers, young and old, from across the GTA. We bring people together through the craft of choral singing.

We do a lot of good stuff, and it takes a lot of money.

Be assured that Pax Christi Chorale is a very frugal steward of our coffers. We can proudly say we’ve never been in debt.

But we do have ambitions. We are producing a music video and a recording; we are touring; we are collaborating with high school singers, we are creating a new work, and down the road we want to return to Koerner Hall with Elgar’s oratorio The Apostles.

Our General Manager, Jennifer Collins, will be thrilled if you contact her with your support.

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