Bloomsbury festival

I arrived in London to find my local Russell Square hosting a multi-cultural art, music, dance and food festival. This feels so much more like Toronto than the medieval time warp I’ve been experiencing in tidy Cambridge. Here people of every age, shape and size are all peacefully hanging out enjoying art, music and food. In a way, sublime.

My Sunday adventure included Matins at the Temple church who have excellent music, and I knew someone in the choir – Giles the Magnificent from Selwyn. Then I toured Shakespeare’s restored Globe theatre – absolutely worth the ten quid since you can’t see a play in the winter time. I walked over the Millenium bridge to St. Paul’s to hear a free organ recital, then to the Barbican for the concert I had been looking forward to. I must say I found the Barbican large and impersonal, unlike Covent Garden which is warm and elegant, and somehow more humane.

The concert was American composer Eric Whitacre conducting his own works, as well as familiar pieces by Copland, Lauridsen and Barber. Unfortunately Eric turned this into an quasi-open-mic night club act with way too much self promotion and banter onstage. I had to invent a new drinking game – well in fact it has to be an eating and drinking game. Every time Eric adjusts his hair whilst conducting – eat a raw oyster (that would be 2 dozen times!) and every time he says “God I love London” in a giddy school boy voice, take a shot of vodka (that would be three times.) Unfortunately neither commodity was available during the performance.

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  1. Tricia says:

    ohhhhh…..I remember St. Paul’s!!! So fabulous. I ran out of time and didn’t get to see the Globe Theatre which really makes me sad, but I did have a wonderful afternoon at St. Paul’s.
    We can try out your new drinking game when you get home 😀

    • The new Globe is a work in progress. As they get enough money they are finishing an indoor version of the open-air theatre which means they will be able to perform plays all year round which will be fabulous. In the meantime I can’t find ANY Shakespeare in town at all – and I’m beginning to get the shakes – so to speak. So, uncharacteristically, I’m going to the ballet tonight!
      We’ll have to modify the drinking game since we will not have Mr. Whitacre performing live – but we’ll think o’ something.

      • Gini Smith says:

        Hi Stephanie…surprise, surprise, Gini Smith here. Visitng the Village Tea Room and my friend Kathy agreed to type and e-mail for me. Sounds as if you are having a wonderful time. I’m so glad to hear that we are doing an Elgar for our 25th anniversary – fabulous!!! Looking forward to seeing you on your return. The foray was well received on Sunday. Take care. In Friendship. Gini

        • Thinking of you at the Penn Club here in London. WHat a lovely place this is, and the Quaker spirit is alive and well. It’s nice to talk to fellow travelers at breakfast. Gald to hear the concert went well – now on to the BACH!

  2. Gini Smith says:

    Sorry should have read “Faure” – Gini

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