If you listen to CBC radio on Sunday mornings, make sure to tune in to CBC 1 (99.1 on the FM dial) and listen to Michael Enright’s show The Sunday Edition and listen to his segment called “Sunday School.” In fact if you’ve just clicked on that link you can listen to it right now. The idea of this spot is that Michael is a life-long learner and is always asking questions and trying to take on something new. It was certainly fun to go down to the CBC Toronto studio and have a go at teaching this radio star!

What else is up in my music adventures? Pax Christi Chorale has a fundraising event on Sunday to bolster our coffers for the big Handel oratorio we are working on. It will be a lovely afternoon on wine, food, music and art and I’m looking forward to a relaxing time with the wonderful people who support our choir, soloists and orchestra. Our production of Solomon in April will feature Jean Stilwell in the title role, a stellar roster of soloists, the best freelance orchestra Toronto can muster, Pax Christi Chorale singing in double choir formation, and last but not least, 50 Toronto high school students who will appear for the last Act of the oratorio.

This weekend I’m grateful for generous friends who keep my spirits up with thoughtful phone calls and distractions of many kinds. I’m looking forward to a bit of eating, drinking and hot tubbing, and seeing the wonderful HD movie of Parsifal – a new Canadian production streaming live from the Metropolitan Opera in New York – all 5 delicious hours of it.



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4 Responses to The Sunday Edition

  1. Emily says:

    Well, that was indeed fun to listen to! The two of you seemed to click very easily into the radio segment and both both have fun with it. And I like the added ‘air time’ mentions for Pax Christi Chorale!

    • Stephanie Martin says:

      Yes it was fun. It’s always a pleasure to participate in a national broadcast from our beloved CBC. And Michael Enright actually sings beautifully. I wonder if he’s looking to join a choir?

  2. Mary Gillmeister says:

    I liked this very much – it’s too bad he wouldn’t sing on the air. 😉 Great interview, and always nice to hear a discussion of music on the CBC.

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