St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church

St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church, Toronto ON

Another Michaelmas rolls around; soon All Souls, Advent, Christmas, Candlemas. Six years of music-making seems like a blip in time considering the thousand years of tradition that flow through our liturgy and song at St. Mary Magdalene’s. In the next two months I’ll prepare to throw the torch to another musician who will keep this wonderful tradition burning bright. All of the choirs at SMM express such dedication and joy in their singing, and the congregation is deeply appreciative of their work. I will always hold the parish close to my heart and support the community’s work however I can, but preparing and performing weekly services is beyond my current powers.

Tonight the Gallery Choir will be rehearsing as usual from 7:30 until 10 pm. The front doors will be flung wide (as we try to do in good weather) so if you’re out for a stroll, feel free to drop by and hear us work through some new material. It will not all be pretty, but by the end of the night it should be starting to come together.

Here’s a link to John Terauds blog from earlier this morning when we had a quick chat about things. He’s got it spot on as usual.


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