Organ screen at King's


Here’s the photo all my organ friends will want to see. I couldn’t take this during services, so I went on an official tour and was able to take lots of snaps of the interior of King’s. I’m adding new college choirs to my quiver every day, and will conduct Selwyn tonight. My new favourite museum is the Fitzwilliam. By mistake I found the original copy of the Fitzwilliam Virginal book. It’s in a glass case with a cover, quite unlabeled, and I would never have seen it had someone else not removed the cover of the case while I was looking at a Poussin hanging directly above it – just another pleasant coincidence. I went to a lecture on Greek tragedy yesterday, and followed that with the “Greek Play.” This year’s production was Agamemnon – really gruesome. Performed in ancient Greek with surtitles, a Greek play has been done here every third year since 1882.  Lest we forget there’s been some pretty impressive science going on here for quite some time too!


Cavendish Laboratory


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