On a winter walk,

I’m bored with rhythmic trudging

On the boulevard.


I can’t stop to look

Or idly gaze on cattails

In the icy park!


Seven thousand steps:

That’s my daily requirement,

So my phone declares.


But ’round the next bend,

My eyes suddenly perceive

Unexpected art.


On a crumbling wall

Colours, lines and shapes create

A weird gallery:


Bones, skulls, animals,

And a misfit sailing ship

Delight my sad eyes.


Now, all that I see

Becomes ready canvas for

Nature’s graffiti.


Magestic towers

Stretch magic threads. Ice and snow

Become diamonds.


A white dog runs by;

A human servant bends down

To pick up their poop.


Finally, here’s home.

What balm can soothe these sore limbs?misfit ship

Hot chocolate is best.

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2 Responses to Unexpected Art

  1. Brian Power says:

    Charming, heartfelt lines
    Always nice to read your stuff
    Hope the drink was good.

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