Official titles don’t always mean that much, but this one delivers very tangible (and edible) benefits. The governing body of Selwyn elected me a “Visiting Bye-Fellow”

The Can river


and that means I can live here and have those tasty high table meals in Hall, and ultimately, take snuff. But seriously, it makes me feel part of the community and I’m very grateful to Sarah for making it all happen.

Some rare music manuscripts are on display in one of the colleges.  They are the Peterhouse part books – hand written music which preserves compositions from the 16th century, and were used by choirs here in the 17th century.

Taverner mass


They are very practical since they only contain one voice part. If you’re singing from these you have to be very good at counting rests.

I had lunch with a Handel scholar, Ruth Smith, who showed me some hidden gems – not manuscripts, but places to eat! There are several Handel autograph scores on display in the Fitzwilliam, but the Elgar autograph scores boasted of on the website are mysteriously absent from the catalogue. Hopefully we can solve this puzzle within a few days.


Holly tree


This spectacular holly tree needed to be photographed. It looks like a Christmas tree already dressed up for the holidays.

Today I am meeting with some friends of Renee who are strangers to me, but have kindly asked me for Saturday lunch. Tonight St. John’s is singing a Bach cantata with orchestra.

I’m now also officially half-way through my trip.



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