Ely’s medieval lantern

I handed off my Selwyn Service Magnificat today. Maybe I should have been able to write more than 4 minutes of music in three weeks? But there’s so much to look at. I went to Ely yesterday to see Sarah admitted to the Foundation of Ely Cathedral as Director of the Ely Cathedral Girls’ Choir. Then the choir sang Evensong for the feast of Saint Etheldreda and we processed down that huge nave in twilight with incense, singing the Patronal hymn for Etheldreda. It was a very medieval moment.

Lady chapel

There was a “drinks” reception in the Lady Chapel afterward – that’s the famous one with all the little statues with their heads knocked off.

There’s also a museum of stained glass high up in the south gallery. Very informative, and a lovely shop at the end!  Today I heard the choir of Gonville and Caius College. I have one last copy of my “Ave Verum” and I thought I’d give one to this chap, but he passed right through me when I said hello – I felt like a ghost. It’s been one of those days – splashed by cars in the rain, dropped my bag and cracked a nice bottle of French wine soaking all my music. The day was saved by Graham (my new friend via Renee) who invited me to a rehearsal of the Fairhaven community choir preparing for a concert next week. It made me miss Pax Christi which is a very similar group.

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6 Responses to 3 weeks, 4 minutes

  1. Thom Linken says:

    The blaggard who “walked right through you” should be horse-whipped within an inch of his life. Ok, maybe nothing so violent, but something very unpleasant; maybe forced to drink cold beer.

  2. craig says:

    Four minutes of music in three weeks isn’t so bad. Lost good French wine, on the other hand…

  3. Here we are at the dead sea and we can’t get away from the blue lady. Thanks for the picture in the chapel – nice to see the process

    • The dead sea – wow! Yes – the blue lady caught me by surprise. SHe wasn’t there when I last visited – but that was 19 years ago. Things change slowly in Ely, but not that slowly.

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