Thanks so much for your thoughtful responses to my last post. Your overwhelming kindness and support humbles me.

Many of you have requested to read the poem “Babel” by Cori Martin in advance of the performance.
You’ll need to print out all 4 pages and sit down with a cup of coffee and devote some time to this.

The body of the poem runs alongside marginalia taken from diverse, existing poetry in many languages.
Keep the notes on page 4 handy – you’ll be looking up classical verse, German poetry, Dante, Milton and the Bible etc. etc.

Actually you might even want to start by reading the original Biblical text from the Bible –  Genesis, chapter eleven, starting at the first verse.
Click here and enjoy reading. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the poem now that you have the text in front of you.


Today I had a wonderful chat with Glen Carruthers, Dean of the Music Faculty at WLU. The conductor of the première, Lee Willingham, and Gerard Yun have resolved the “Babel issue” with diplomacy and compassion. All of the students in question are now participating, except one who could not reconcile their beliefs with my piece. I actually sympathize with their courage to stand alone, and take no offence.

I applaud the sensitive and gracious leadership at Laurier. They are very courageous to present two unknown new works on April 2nd and 3rd and I look forward to hearing what the talented student orchestra (preparing diligently under Paul Pulford’s leadership) and singers will do with Babel!

NUMUS commissioned the piece, and for those of you interested in seeing the musical score, it will soon be available through the Canadian Music Center with the help of my amazing editor, Nephenee Rose, affectionately known as “Jaeger.”

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2 Responses to BABEL – the poem by Cori Martin

  1. Seth says:

    I really like the poem. Thank you so much for sharing. It speaks well of our innate our emotional desire to seek knowledge ahead of wisdom. God Bless..

  2. Arlene Jillard says:

    Powerful, thoughtful, poignant and soul-searchingly provoking words! This is a monumental (no pun intended…) work and I am so looking forward to hearing it. It is indeed heartening to hear that a resolution has been achieved with regard to the majority of students involved in the boycott. Hold fast!

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