Requiem for hiking boots

Though I’m hanging up my hiking boots (actually had to discard them) I think I will continue to blog you some photos and stories from my trip. I’ve really appreciated your comments, and I’ve enjoyed distilling my experiences down to a couple of photos and 250 words every other day or so. I got home late last night from Frankfurt and things are gearing up for our SMM CD and Bravo video launch at St. Mary Magdalene’s at 3pm tomorrow afternoon. It will be a great way to see everyone again, and a wonderful welcome home.

The last three days of my odyssey were spent with Janet chasing down Hildegard von Bingen’s historic sites. This merits a whole other blog and I’ll spell out some of the tricks we learned for others who want to make a pilgrimage to Bingen/ Eibingen/ Ruddesheim/ Disibodenberg. It can be tricky putting the pieces together. I can’t imagine a better traveling companion than Janet. Without a second thought, we burst into song in front of the monastery on our last night, singing Hildegard’s “Quia ergo femina” in the twilight in front of the west door. More on that in a few days….

Abbey St. Hildegard

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  1. Mom says:

    Hope you saved the boot laces !

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