Elgar's grave

I have visited Elgar’s grave three times over the past seven years and it’s always a moving experience – this very modest gravestone in an out-of-the-way Roman Catholic church in Little Malvern. He shares the stone with his wife Alice who predeceased him, and the grave is always well-kept with floral tributes, though nothing like the monuments to other English composers in Westminster abbey.

In Malvern I also visited the Priory, and though I looked at the hills, the pouring rain and my cold deterred me from climbing this time…

Malvern Priory window

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2 Responses to Malvern

  1. Virginia Reimer says:

    Hi Stephanie

    I have a friend who went to school at Malvern. I wonder if she was aware of Elgar’s tomb. Will ask her. I saw Stuart in Winnipeg just over a week ago when I was out there to visit my sister. He was happy to see a familiar face. I think once he has been at school a bit longer he’ll start enjoying Winnipeg unless he really hates winter.

    Hope you are over your cold. All the best. Oh yes, choir is going well.


  2. abner says:

    From Philip Baldwin, Herefordshire, presently in Canada.
    Sadly we have been given the news that Miss Margaret Elgar has died; she was a great-niece of the composer, and one of the few remaining people to have spoken to him. Miss Hilary Elgar lives on.

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