One reason Cambridge is so peaceful is that students are not allowed to park a car within 5 miles of campus. That’s why there are thousands of bicycles in town. Students must live within 3 miles of Great St. Mary’s in the centre of town, so this is definitely not a commuter campus. You have to live here, so it’s easier to commit to the rowing team, the choir, the amateur dramatic society and to support your friends in their extra-curricular activities. Students are not allowed to work, so no part-time jobs on weekends. You’ll need that time for studying.  To be accepted as a student at the University you must first apply to the college of your choice. The colleges are independent of the University, but Cambridge U grants your degree. Each college has a residence, a dining hall, a library and a chapel. You take your meals in this magnificent hall surrounded by portraits of the founding fathers. Selwyn is only 150 years old, so it’s one of the newest colleges.


Trinity at twilight

I heard Evensong at Trinity tonight. Since tomorrow is my last day here, my round of chapel going is coming to an end. 


Tomorrow I hope to see the Wren library, examine the Elgar autograph score at the Fitz, hear one last Evensong, and then a concert in the evening at King’s. That will be it for Cambridge : (

P.S. I had a nice encounter with a tabby cat on the sidewalk – first feline I’ve seen in a long time.




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4 Responses to There are rules

  1. Abner says:

    That’s a nice dining hall Stephanie, but hey, we expected a picture of you dining at High Table.

    Question: Are graduate students allowed to (have to) belong to a College or does this apply only to under grads?

    P.S. Looking forward to Pax Christi on Sunday.

    • Taking a photo at high table would probably be considered indecorous. Maybe I could have done it after the cheese plate? There are graduate students at Selwyn, and you never shed your college affiliation, so chose wisely. Alumnae come back for high table and special chapel services and concerts etc.
      Enjoy S.S. Wesley. We’re hearing a lot of him over here :)

  2. craig says:

    So, considering Lord BP’s cuts to university funding, and the “no work-income allowed” policy, what options are open to me, a hypothetically intelligent farm boy with no money, for matricualting at a college at Cambridge? Or should I, hypothetically, either burn churches or negligently cause oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico?

    • Astute comments and questions as I hoped you would submit. Now, being a foreign student is a whole different kettle o’fish. The UK government has never been that keen to fund your type. So you might as well find an oil well to blow up. On the other hand, you can just come here for a nice visit, which in the end is probably more fun than being a student.

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